2020 Transformation Challenge INFO

If you are finishing our 2020 Body Transformation Challenge, PLEASE READ!


Due to the order to continue social distancing throughout the month of April, we are having to adapt to these times and provide an alternative ending to our 2020 Transformation Challenge. Our Bod Pod and other KPL equipment will remain closed until May 1. So what does this mean for the Body Transformation Challenge?
The challenge will still be ending this week, April 2-12th. Instead of a final Bod Pod test, we want you to send us the following:
1. Picture of you standing on your scale with your current weight displayed
2. Picture of you (your "after" picture) with the date displayed (on a phone screen or newspaper would work).
3. A short assessment of your progress, what you learned, and goals achieved.

You can send the above information on this link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/…/Eddies2020TransformationChal…

And the best part: we will also be giving automatic FREE CHALLENGE ENTRY next year to ALL 2020 participants, to make it more fair since this is not a traditional challenge ending.

We hope everyone understands and please do send in your results since we still will be recognizing winners with prizes! We can't wait to see your progress, we know even without an official Bod Pod, some of your physical transformations will still be very apparent!