Body Composition Testing


Since 2009 we have offered the Bod Pod as a tool to our community to help people get easy access to a very advanced form of body composition testing. 

Many people use the Bod Pod as a way to keep track of their progress on fat loss or muscle gain. It can be a gamechanger for people who rely on the scale as their only information source, since the scale doesn’t tell you if your weight is staying the same because you’re gaining muscle or if your weight is going down because you’re losing water weight. 

We also offer consultations with our owner Eddie and his daughter Bridget for anyone who is interested in starting their health and fitness journey but isn’t quite sure where to begin. If you choose to schedule a Bod Pod with a consultation, they will help you build out a game plan based on your results and your goals, discussing topics ranging from your macros, foundational nutrition principles, meal timing, workout recovery, how to make a healthy diet work within your busy lifestyle, supplements, and any other questions you might have. 

For scheduling a Bod Pod or Bod Pod + consultation, please give us a call at our Kingston Pike location at 865-693-4909 and we will find a time that works well for you.


Bod Pod General Info/FAQs

Cost for 1 Bod Pod: $30

Cost for 2 Bod Pods (1 test now plus a follow up–expires after 12 months): $50

Cost for 1 Bod Pod + 1 consultation: $100

Cost for 2 Bod Pods + 2 consultations: $150


What do I need to do in preparation for the Bod Pod?

You must fast for 2 hours prior to your test–no food, drink, or exercise, including water. Females can wear compression shorts and a sports bra or a bathing suit without underwire. Males can wear compression shorts or boxer briefs. You will need to remove jewelry if possible.


How long does it take?

You will be sitting inside the BOD POD for about 3 minutes. However, during that time, the door will be opened and closed between two 50-second trials. Total time including reviewing the results is approximately 10 minutes, or an additional hour if you schedule a consultation.


What info will I receive?

Your results sheet will include your % body fat and total fat mass, % lean mass and total lean mass, total body weight, and your RMR (resting metabolic rate) as well as your estimated daily calorie burn. 


How long should I wait to come in between tests?

We recommend anywhere between 8-16 weeks, but it is up to you and your personal preference. We recommend scheduling your Bod Pod 1 week in advance from your desired date or 2 weeks in advance for a Bod Pod and consultation.