What's New at Eddie's: June 2020

What's New at Eddie's: June 2020

Posted by Bridget on Jun 2nd 2020

Sometimes we get a little bored when no new items are coming in, but that definitely hasn't been the case recently! Brands are back in production and coming out with new flavors and new products left and right. These are some of the items that are either brand new or new to us this month. 

Quest Chip Spicy Sweet Chili: The new Quest chips have REALLY been hitting the spot. If you haven't tried Quest chips in a few years, you need to; they've greatly improved the formula and you can't beat them for a high protein, low carb snack. This flavor is no exception; think yummy sriracha goodness, with just the perfect amount of sweetness. Debatably the best flavor out there, although Loaded Taco is a STRONG competitor. 

Outright Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: So yummy. If you like peanut butter and cookie dough (AKA--are you human?) you'll love this. Check out our video review to see our live taste test!

One Bar Butter Pecan: One bars have been extremely popular at Eddie's over the past 5 years. We especially love their flavors that are in the same lane as butter pecan, like cinnamon roll and maple donut... YUM. Pair one of these with an iced coffee and you've got a delicious summer treat.

Power Crunch Bar Key Lime: We've got to give them points for creativity here... We've got a LOT of protein bars, but can't remember ever seeing a key lime. It's like a delicious key lime wafer cookie... So nice, light and refreshing for summer. 

Celsius Peach Vibe: We love this flavor, from the flavor itself to the marketing and design of the can. It's extra perfect for summer, but we can see ourselves drinking this flavor year round because of the taste. If you love peach (Peach rings, Bang Peach Mango, etc) then this is a must-try. 

So much goodness just over the past week! It's the little things that we get excited about... Because even when life is crazy (AKA the whole year 2020 so far) there will always be small things to enjoy and appreciate.