Weird Supplements We Love

Weird Supplements We Love

Posted by Bridget on May 22nd 2020

Everyone always comes in the Shoppe and asks, "What are your top supplement recommendations for overall health?" Meaning, what 3-4 supplements can I take and get the most bang for my buck? It's a great question. Everyone wants to cover all the most important bases. 

Not many people come in and ask "What weird supplements do you guys love?"

These products might come up in conversation with a customer if they're relevant to what the person is looking for, but they probably aren't something we're going to mention to most people. Yet we (Eddie and staff) get so much enjoyment and happiness from these particular products, we want to share. And if any of the benefits of these products sound like something you might like, we encourage you to try them as well. 

Anyways, here is the list of said products! We will probably update this list from time to time once we find other hidden gems.

1. Flora Beet Crystals: No, not the "spiritual" type of crystals. Everyone has heard of beet powder, and unless you're a beet lover, you probably aren't a huge fan. I know I wasn't. Trying beet crystals for me was a game changer. For starters, they taste so much better than the powder. They have the delicious sweetness without any bitterness or "dirt" flavor. Sorry if you love the taste of beets, but when I'm eating them I tend to struggle to get past the tinge of dirt.  But with the crystals, I don't even bother mixing them in with anything; I just take a spoonful and wash it down with some water. Beet crystals are also more pure than powders or capsules; Flora takes beets and within a couple of hours of being harvested, turns  them into these "crystals" through a special drying process where they maintain far more nutrients. 

My favorite part of beet crystals, though, are the actually benefits. I take these in the morning after my workouts and the increase in muscle recovery is amazing. My soreness is noticeably less than what it would be if I wasn't taking these. Plus I end up feeling more energized throughout the whole day. I actually do rave about these to customers pretty frequently, but I considered them weird enough to mention on this list because of how unique they are. 


2. Barlean's Key Lime Fish Oil: If you've never tried this product before, we know what you're thinking: flavored fish oil? Ew. But if you have tried this product, you know what we're talking about and won't think we're crazy when we say that this fish oil is absolutely delicious. It has no fish flavor whatsoever and has a smooth, creamy consistency. Our favorite flavors are key lime and citrus sorbet, but they're all great. Even kids LOVE the taste! But beyond that, these fish oils have been emulsified for enhanced absorption and pack a punch at 1500 mg omega 3's per tablespoon. 


3. ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet: Everyone loves ZenEvo protein peanut butter cups created by our owner Eddie, but the Sleepy Sweet white chocolate squares are, in my opinion, incredibly underrated. I started taking these about two months ago instead of stronger sleep aids and to my surprise, it's been much more effective. I take 1 square of Sleepy Sweet, which has 3 mg of melatonin, combined with a serving of CBD oil, and I sleep like a baby. Even with the stronger sleep aids I would wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes struggle to get back to sleep, but with this combination even if I do get up to use the bathroom, I fall right back to sleep. The white chocolate is also the best white chocolate I've ever had--I'm more of a dark chocolate fan, but this is top-notch for white chocolate. 


4. 5% Nutrition Iced Vanilla Coffee BCAAs: Another one that sounds really weird right off the bat: coffee flavored BCAAs? These probably would be pretty unappetizing if you mixed them with water and drank them while working out. The way I used these was mixed with a scoop of protein powder and almond milk first thing in the morning before a morning work out. This combination was perfect because I got in some calories before hitting the gym, and it was fast enough that I didn't have to wake up extremely early to cook and then digest solid foods. Also, since these BCAAs are caffeinated, I didn't have to go to the gym with a belly full of different liquids. Plus, the combination tasted like a delicious coffee mocha drink. If you struggle to stomach food in the morning, I would definitely suggest this. 

5. Fit Spuds Sweet Potato slices: Not a supplement, but a cool product that we carry. Here at Eddie's, we're big fans of sweet potatoes, so the idea of being able to eat sweet potatoes on the go was pretty exciting. These dried sweet potatoes taste delicious (duh--how can you go wrong with sweet potatoes?) and are extremely convenient. Pair these with a protein shake and boom, you've got your protein and carbs in after a workout. Too easy!

6. Colorado Hemp Honey sticks: There's just something about eating your supplements that seems to be so much more effective. There's research on it, of course--you're breaking it down with the enzymes for your mouth, improving and speeding up digestion. Colorado Hemp Honey makes honey sticks (a classic favorite!) infused with CBD. We know lots of people who put these in coffee or tea, or just eat them like a honey stick. It won't produce any sort of psychoactive effect, but you likely will feel a bit relaxed and at ease.

What are your weird supplement favorites? We want to know the unique and interesting products that work for you. Let us know if you give any of these a try!